Protectosil SC Concentrate

Protectosil® SC Concentrate is an aqueous silane-based system that gives porous mineral substrates a hydro- and oleophobic surface, which means less effort in keeping your building clean.

Facades treated with Protectosil® SC Concentrate remain clean longer, show no unsightly dark water streaks during rain, and are less susceptible to the growth of micro-organisms such as mould and algae.

Protectosil® surface protection molecules have low penetration depths as they are larger than Protectosil® water repellent molecules. Protectosil® surface protection molecules bind chemically to the surface and are stable against weathering.

Stains caused by common liquids such as coffee, cola and oils are easily removed from surfaces treated with Protectosil® SC Concentrate.

Unlike standard coatings, which seal the surface like a film, Protectosil® products allow water vapour to escape. The building can breathe, moisture is not trapped and the building material is efficiently protected.

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